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The Evaporative Cooling Pads division manufactures Cooling Pads also known as Honeycomb Cooling Pads or Celdek Pads for different applications in standard sizes and as per customer requirement as well.

At the heart of Desert Coolers are the Honeycomb or Celdek Cooling Pads. This is where the magic of Evaporative Cooling takes place. Evaporative Cooling Pads are the ideal and most economical method of cooling. Evaporative cooling is the process wherein air is cooled by using the heat in the ambient air to evaporate the water from an adjacent surface by passing the hot fresh air through the wetted pads. The air is cooled by coming into contact with water soaked high surface area of the pad and thus a temperature reduction of at least 10 to 20 degrees can be achieved in ambient temperature within few minutes.

The amount of cooling depends upon the temperature of ambient incoming air, the geometry and thickness of the Pad, the air velocity passed through the Pad and Even distribution of water all through the Length, Width and Depth of the Pad. This method of cooling is most effective when the incoming hot air is dry.

Besides, domestic cooling these Pads are used in various applications wherever moist cool air is required viz.,

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Our Production Capacity is 5400 Cubic Feet of Evaporative Cooling Pads per day.