About Us


This division is into Import of Specialty Kraft Paper and Trading in various kinds of Kraft Papers and Consumables for the Honeycomb Pads and Packaging Boxes Manufacturing Units.

We are bulk importers and suppliers of Specialty Kraft paper for the specific use into manufacturing of Evaporative Cooling Pads which are also known as Honeycomb or Celdek Pads. None of the paper mills in India produces such paper.

Specialty Kraft paper is made of virgin soft wood pulp of Pine, Bamboo and Cotton plants etc through chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp in the Kraft Process and has low Acidic Value which saves it from termites and bacterial growth. This paper is corrosion resistant with high water absorption values.

Apart from Specialty Kraft Paper we are also bulk suppliers of Kraft Paper used in Packaging Industry in various GSMs with desired Burst Factor produced by various Indian Mills and European Mills as well.