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Normal Kraft Paper

Normal kraft paper is clean, durable and affordable. This type of paper is most often used for heavy-duty applications where high tear resistance and superior bursting strength are critical. It can be printed on as well, making it perfect for branding, protective layering and other instances where it needs to be strong and bear certain markings or logos. Kraft can contain up to 5% recycled materials.

Normal kraft paper can be used for wrapping, book covers, paint masking, carrier sheets, stationery products, floor protection liners, and pallet interleaving, to name a few applications. Layers of the paper are used to make corrugated boxes.

Spinning Kraft Paper

Some papers can be made flexible enough for use in weaving. Spun kraft paper can be used in wicker furniture, cloth making, rugs, and even yarn. When waxed, spun kraft paper can even be used in matches!

Sack Kraft Paper

A sack paper is a porous paper made in kraft paper plants from any combination of fibers. This paper features high elasticity and high tear resistance and is designed for packaging products that need strength and durability.

Sack kraft paper strikes the perfect balance between strength and porosity, making it ideal for valve sacks for commodities like cement and other powdered materials. To impart sack kraft with barrier properties, it is provided in PE coating.

Absorbent Kraft Paper

Absorbent kraft paper is used in a wide variety of applications where exposure to moisture is present including Evaporative Cooling Pads, laminated sheets used in building construction and furniture. Absorbent kraft paper features high wet strength, high porosity, and can be used as filter media and laboratory filter paper too. Other application includes special bags for plantation of saplings.