About Us

Infocom is an established manufacturer of Plant and Equipment and has expertise in Evaporative Cooling Pad Manufacturing Lines using various kind of Energy Sources viz either Electricity, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, Piped Natural Gas and Thermic Fluid Oil or in combination of any two or more kinds of energy sources. It has the capabilities of converting the existing Electricity based plants into any other one or more sources of energy based plants.

We at Infocom provide complete Automatic Cooling Pad Production Line with complete consultancy, training and installation services followed by extensive Maintenance Support Services, if at all and whenever required, though we believe it may not be required for a long time. We have more than 6 Years of experience in R & D and Manufacturing of Cooling Pad Production Line and known for Latest Technology with High Standard of Quality and Energy Efficiency.

Our Plants are equipped with complete Electrical Control Panel using best available Equipment and Cables on a Single Panel Board supported with Individual Controls fitted with the Equipment, Sensors and Counters etc.

The production line consists of following Sections :